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Take charge of your schedule with FluShotAppointments.com

As a pharmacy or home medical equipment provider, you have the opportunity to provide more flu shots to more customers and increasing foot traffic and sales in your store. We have a way for you to provide those flu shots more efficiently and in a way to maximize your staff’s time and minimize your customers waiting time; FluShotAppointments.com.

With FluShotAppointments.com, customers can select their times, schedule their own appointments, and even get reminders on their appointments. This easy to use online system will allow you to have the right staff available at the right times and ease the congestion of too many waiting, impatient customers.

Sign up for your FluShotAppointments.com account today and start maximizing your profit.

"I really enjoy using the FluShotAppointments.com because I am able to make changes to the schedule myself and I never have anyone double booked. It is an extremely easy-to-use solution for the challenges of creating a schedule for a large amount of people." Katie - VGM & Associates